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Fulcrum Adventures Custom Modules
Chariot B.O.L.D.
Behavioral Operations and Leadership Diversity

The Fulcrum B.O.L.D module is designed to create team synergy though integration of different leadership styles Our B.O.L.D module an incredibly fun and valuable indoor workshop for groups of 10-100 participants. It features a short individual personal behavior assessment followed by facilitated experiential activities. These exercises allow participants to discover the strengths and challenges of their own leadership style as well as how to partner with team members of different styles to create a high performing organization

Chariot The Chariot Challenge

The Chariot Challenge building project is one of our newer modules and it has been well-received by every group that has participated. Participants are given a variety of materials to construct a car that will support one of their team members to pilot and race. Materials include wheels, axels, plywood, PVC pipe, cardboard, tape and a variety of other materials that encourage a creative design among the teams. The Chariot Challenge can be arranged as a competition or simply a cooperative experience where all teams try and build the best car possible in the designated time frame. If designed as a friendly competition, the scoring is not only based on the actual car race, but the design, the car name and flag, and most of all how well the team worked together while building the chariot.

beach Day at the Beach

Fulcrum’s Teambuilding day at the beach provides teams and organizations an opportunity to challenge their creativity and strengthen their relationships all with their toes in the sand.
mk Up to 200 people
Any Southern California Beach
Teambuilding and celebration
All day/half day
Depending on the objectives of the client, the Teambuilding on the Beach module includes everything from beach games and initiatives to sand structure building and educational tide pooling. Fulcrum provides experienced facilitators that will ensure your team will have a fun, and valuable experience that participants can take home and build upon.

MarkSetGo On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

On your mark, get set, GO! is a powerful three phase module focusing on the vital steps that individuals and teams need to move through to optimum success.

On Your Mark!
This fun and challenging phase one introduces participants to the self-knowledge and awarenes about where they are in their life and where they want to be going. In addition, the group begins the movement from a collection of individuals to a community and team. This process involves guided imagery, ice breaker-initiatives and goal setting exercises.

mk Goal Setting
mk Teamwork
mk Asking for Help
mk Self Knowledge
mk Focus

Get Set!
Phase two begins with whole group initiatives which underscore the importance of community support and team work. It continues with an evening-long Fulcrum values clarification workshop which culminates with a team goal achievement challenge which requires the group to work together supporting each individual in reaching their goal cards for a team win.
mk Team Support
mk Values
mk Problem Solving
mk Communication

Phase three gives participants the opportunity to practice their self-awareness and team skills on a Fulcrum high ropes challenge course. This safe and exciting experience is life changing and the team leaves prepared to reach goals and win the race of life.
mk Confidence
mk Trust
mk Leadership

sur Fulcrum Survivor

Based on the popular TV show, this program pits coworkers against the elements and each other as they compete for power components to complete their team flag. Fulcrum Survivor takes place at our Temescal canyon site and begins with a tribal council where each group creates a name to identify and unify their tribe.

Fulcrum will then supply materials for each team to create and decorate a flag, as well as themselves, and come up with a chant or cheer representing their team. Once teams are established and have made their presence known, a series of challenges is laid out before them that will take them from the forest to the ocean as they try to obtain power components. Team members will be pushed to the edge of what they are capable of individually and as a team, and then have to come together to be successful. Creativity, risk-taking, and trust are just a few of the components that will lead to a complete flag that each tribe can wave with pride.

pwr The Power of Play

Some of the greatest lessons learned in life come from playing games. As a result, Fulcrum has created a series of initiatives that help teach team building, time management, and successful work strategies through play. Engage your whole staff in a combination of problem-solving challenges pulled from Fulcrum’s cache of more than 100 experiential games, such as the mission, the four post flood, the leadership sherpa, mouse traps and minefields, and the four way tug of war.

These activities are designed to challenge and motivate participants to think outside the box in a way that will help make them more productive and successful in the workplace. With team building inherent in all activities, participants will finish the day with the tools to be a stronger and more effective team player.

en Energizers

Let Fulcrum turn your board room into a fun, experiential learning playground with a half day of Energizers. These interactive games refresh and revitalize executives in long meetings and training sessions, and also motivate particiants to achieve organizational goals. Energizers are great for any size group and will bring out the best in your employees by celebrating their strengths.

gam Boat Building

Ahoy!!! Get ready for a potentially wet, and definitely wild day of fun when co-workers compete to create a seaworthy vessel that they then race against each other in a swimming pool. Each team is given the same amount of time to design and build a boat and flag out of cardboard, duck tape, cloth, pvc pipe, and various other materials that we provide.

Team members will learn to enhance their time management, strategy development and team building skills in an effort to come out on top as the regatta champions. Once a boat is created that is able to carry two team members, flags are raised and the fun begins!

gm Game Shows

Corporate Conundrum is a Jeopardy meets The Price is Right game show that is a fast and fun way to invoke teamwork and friendly competition. Our host unveils categories while the players race to be the first to answer questions. Depending on the catagory and the answer given, contestants may then have to participate in one of many fun and silly activities.

Fulcrum has our own catalog of categories and questions to choose from, but will also work with companies to create material specific to their organizations goals and objectives. The show can be as short or as long as desired and is a fun way to re-energize and rejuvinate staff.

ro Rock of Ages

Throughout the ages, music and rhythmic sounds have been a binding agent of all people. Absolutely no musical experience is required to participate in this activity where various simple instruments transform team players into a unified tribe with a powerful message. Teams will be given materials to create their own instruments, while lightning rods, thunder sticks, bongos, bass drums, and other percussive instruments will be provided by Fulcrum.

Teams then experiment with different sounds to create their own style and language in an effort to begin communicating with other teams to accomplish goals. The program culminates with the entire group rocking out to their new unified sound in a celebration of unity and fun.

pa Paintball

Paintball games are very popular with corporate groups all across the country. Your organization will spend a fun and fast paced afternoon where patience, agility, and accuracy will bring your team ultimate success. Real learning about yourself and your team becomes very clear in the face of combat.

Each program can be tailored for a day of fun or to address company goals and objectives. We have sites all over California that make this unique teambuilding experience easily accessible for any company.

art Art for the Masses

Meet with a professional artist to bring your team together through art and the spirit of humanity. Team members come together, brushes in hand, to paint a series of canvas panels that ultimately combine to form a colorful and meaningful banner of art.

The final creation is presented to a non-profit of the companies choice for the public to enjoy. A typical program provides six to 27 pre-drawn canvases, with up to three artists per canvas. As teams finish the project they are filled with the satifaction of completing a lasting, tangible, philanthropic project that recognizes their team effort.

cl Fulcrum Clue

Was it CEO Smith with the stapler in the copy room? This fun activity turns your office into a who done mystery adventure. Employees come to work and unsuspectingly find that one of their co-workers has mysteriously been murdered in the office over night. They must then work in teams to case the various crime scenes through out the office finding clues that will help lead them to discover who the murderer is.

Some clues will be real and some will be bogus. It is up to the teams to draw on their collective knowledge about their organization to figure out which are which. The program ends with a large dinner in the board room where all teams present their cases and the real murderer is revealed.

imp Improv It!

Who started the day by rolling over and picking up their script of how the day is going to go? No one? Life and work is one big improv exercise. Very rarely to things go according to plan which keeps people having to improvise just about every moment of their life. This fun, day long work shop will put participants through a series of improv exercises that will give them an opportunity to practice some of the things that makes improv successful such as spontenaeity and quick thinking.

In improv, as in the work place, the success of your scene depends largely on how you interact with those around you. In this work shop participants will learn that making your fellow participants look just as good as you is what makes a scene, and a team, successful.

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