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Team Building acr Youth & Staff Services Brochure
Working in partnership with your organization, Fulcrum Adventures designs programs that are held at on-site corporate locations and off-site national and international conference centers.  Training sessions run for a half-day, full day or multiple days and may be a blend of outdoor and indoor challenges.

The Corporate Leadership Challenge may include a high ropes course, low ropes initiatives, ocean team kayaking, rock climbing, camping, trust hikes, or a variety of other wilderness adventures.

Fulcrum indoor seminars address your specific issues and goals in the areas of growth and transition strategies, cultural change, and team performance. Utilizing powerful learning techniques, you will begin to refine your communication skills, optimize distinct management styles, capitalize on diversity, and lead with greater awareness, creativity, courage, and confidence.
The C.R.A.T.E.
Container of Revolutionary Academic and Teambuilding Exercises
Bridging Leadership and Academics through adventure and teambuilding exercises is a new and exciting way for your staff to develop skills as a mentor and an experienced facilitator/teacher. Fulcrum has been conducting Train the Trainer workshops to share their expertise and experience with staff working with students or trainers within an organization since 1990.
This New and Original, Revolutionary Learning Experience Integrating Leadership and Academics is the 21st Century way of working with our youth. The C.R.A.T.E. and its workshops will teach staff how to grow as professionals in the field of education, keep them wanting more, and stay motivated at their school sites.
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Low Ropes Courses
Lay the groundwork for future growth with a Fulcrum Adventures low ropes program delivered on your site.
Comprised of carefully planned and rewarding problem solving tasks.
Form stronger relationships and increase communication.
Give a powerful boost to productivity.
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High Ropes Courses
Come enjoy a half of full day of high ropes initiatives at our exclusive courses in beautiful Malibu, Temescal Canyon and Culver City.
Enhance accountability, trust, and support within your team.
Harness your group’s talents and abilities to reach the same goal.
Experienced Fulcrum Facilitators help transfer lessons to real-work challenges.
All high ropes challenge events are certified by the Association of Challenge Course Technology and are fun by professional Fulcrum Adventures staff.
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portable Portable Climbing Walls
Our Climbing Walls are a fun and exiting way to attract and entertain large groups of people. Whether you are looking for a unique way to fundraise, interested in adding another component to your curriculum or looking for a fun new Fulcrum style field trip we can accommodate you! 
Choose between our 25’- 4 Climber Rock Wall or our 25’- 5 Climber Portable Rock Wall 
Supervised by an American Mountain Guide Association Certified SPI Instructor  
Staff, Insurance and delivery all included
pc Want to get the word out? Ask about our custom banners that fly 25’ on either side of our Rock Wall above your event.
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Over night Leadership Retreats
Realign organization goals and strategize for growth at our intensive overnight leadership retreats.
Produce dramatic results with a full circle strategic planning process.
Learn and practice strategies for building superior, successful teams.
Anchor strategies to sustain learning.

Wilderness Adventures
Sign your group up for the learning experience of a lifetime as Fulcrum’s skilled staff members guide you on a wilderness adventure.
We work with you to customize the adventure to suit your needs.
Adventures include ocean kayaking and Joshua Tree desert treks.
All camping and adventure gear, meals and logistical support are provided.
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Workshops Custom Workshops
Let Fulcrum create a Custom Workshop to meet your specific needs. Need some ideas? Choose from fun and insightful workshops that provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of individual and group dynamics. All Programs include curriculum and experiential components these which combine to give staff more tools to both lead and participate in a team.
bl Behavioral Styles
An interactive and fun Self assessment measurement tool
bl Multiple Intelligences
Understand the different ways in which people learn and support the success of their team. "It's not IF your smart it's HOW your smart."
bl Wheels of the world
An instant success. Teams Work together to construct a bicycle. Only some team members may manipulate the bike, speak, or see! The end result is a bike that can be donated to charity and solid application of skills learned throughout the training.
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Fulcrum Corporate Team Building Adventures and Ropes Courses in Los Angeles
Developing leaders and teams through transformational learning experiences.