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  Local Wilderness Adventures
High Challenge Malibu Ropes Course
Mountain Wilderness Adventure

Fulcrum trips are more than adventures—they are individual and group learning experiences of a lifetime. We provide everything you need to have fun and learn in the outdoors—all camping and adventure gear, gourmet meals and logistical support. Our skilled and dedicated staff members are the best in the business.


Set high in the scenic San Bernardino Mountains overlooking Big Bear Lake, our mountain challenge will take you to new heights. Participants will experience living in the rugged and beautiful high backcountry and will learn the skills to get them there and back. Novice climbers will learn about rock climbing from our expert staff and will have the opportunity to climb Castle Rock, a hundred foot spire overlooking Big Bear Lake. Gourmet meals as well as all camping, climbing and orienteering gear are provided by Fulcrum.

Themes and experiences:
Backcountry and Orienteering, Teambuilding, Climbing, Camping, Rappelling and Naturalism.



Fulcrums two-day Ocean Kayaking and Teambuilding experience is the group adventure of a lifetime.

Day One begins with Teambuilding on Fulcrum’s High and Low Ropes Course overlooking the Pacific Ocean. These teambuilding trainings are Fulcrum’s forte and we are the best in the business. The day concludes with a nature hike, gourmet dinner and fireside camping in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. The adventure continues on day two with kayaking and nature-watching in the open ocean and kelp beds along the breath-taking Pacific coast shoreline. Gourmet meals, camping, ropes course and kayaking gear are provided as well as the skilled and caring Fulcrum staff to make your adventure the experience of a lifetime!

Themes and experiences:
Teambuilding, Low and High Ropes Course, Hiking, Naturalism, Camping, Ocean Kayaking.

Ocean Wilderness Adventure
High Challenge Malibu Ropes Course
Desert Wilderness Adventure


The high desert is a place rich with personal and group learning opportunities and Fulcrum’s three day Joshua Tree Adventure is your way to get there.

Day one begins in the high desert of Joshua Tree National Park where the team will hike into the rugged and scenic backcountry. A climbing technique, gear and safety course will be followed by an opportunity for participants to explore the world-renowned climbs available at Joshua Tree in physical and emotional safety. Day two continues with teambuilding activities, rappelling off a 500 ft. cliff, great food and camping under the desert stars. The adventure culminates on day three with a hike down scenic and little-known Gunsight or Rattlesnake Canyon. Guides, staff, food and all climbing, camping and safety gear provided.

Themes and experiences:
Backcountry camping in the high desert, world-class climbing and rappelling, orienteering, teambuilding, naturalist studies and guided trek down Gunsight Canyon to Indian Cove.
programs in many other states and countries, and would be happy to explore the available sites in your area if you have the need.

  Other popular sites for rock climbing and outdoor adventures
  Malibu Creek State Park Climbing Challenge
This alluring state park has been the set of many well-known television and movie productions including "M.A.S.H". and "Planet of The Apes." Participants experience the thrill of rock climbing with a teambuilding component as well as hiking and naturalism.
  Echo Cliffs Adventure
Echo Cliffs is one of the up and coming climbing sites in Southern California. It provides us with many options for programming including a spectacular hike to the top of Mount Allen at 3,111 feet in elevation, world class climbing and a colossal 150 foot rappel. This adventure affords many opportunities to work on leadership and wilderness skills, self-determination and mental strength.
  Williamson Rock Adventure
Located only an hour away in the Los Angeles Crest Forest, this adventure provides participants the opportunity to experience the magic of the wilderness while testing their determination and teamwork on the hike to the climb site. This program incorporates an impressive hike through mountain and river and an opportunity to rappel off the majestic Williamson Rock: the premier rock climbing site in Southern California. This adventure could also include map and compass experience in a leadership context and heavily stress teamwork and initiative skills.
  Fulcrum also has access to ropes courses throughout southern California including Santa Barbara, Orange County, San Diego, Running Springs and Big Bear, to name a few locations. We have delivered ropes course programs in many other states and countries, and would be happy to explore the available sites in your area if you have the need.
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