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Fulcrum’s C.R.A.T.E.™  System
Developing Youth • Empowering Staff • Transforming Organization
The CRATE is a treasure chest of experiential tools and props that will transform your after school program in to an outdoor adventure while teaching math, literacy and leadership skills. This four-wheeled CRATE provides information, tools, props and games to keep staff and students immersed in a learning environment through a wealth of activities designed to accelerate and reinforce learning. The CRATE and step-by-step instructions enable staff to effectively deliver learning experiences that will enhance students’ confidence and capacity to focus and learn. Whether staff utilize the Velcro Number Set (consisting of numbers 0-9, +, - , x , / & =) for games like Math Transformers and Math Madness, or the 30 yellow Gym Spots for Leadership and Math games such as All My People, Math & Literacy Minefield, Team Swamp or Human Brainteasers, students and staff will both become engaged and challenged in a fun, new and exciting way.
The CRATE serves to build a foundation of learning as a fun and challenging endeavor, leading to successful outcomes and enhanced student functioning. Not only do students learn, staff develop professionally as educators who can engage their students while making learning fun.

CRATE Workshops are delivered by experienced Fulcrum staff and include up to six hours of instruction. Upon completion of the four CRATE workshops, a comprehensive instructional guide will be provided for each participant. The comprehensive guide will be used throughout the workshop series and includes a wide array of academic and leadership exercises, instructions for small group break out sessions, theory about how to facilitate for maximal effectiveness, and much more. The workshops in their entirety will enable staff to maximize the value of the CRATE as a powerful vehicle for teaching academics and leadership while creating a backdrop for optimal learning.
CRATE™ Only $4,250.00
+ shipping and handling
Includes CRATE™ System Notebooks, Laminate Cards, Training items & Companion DVD
CRATE™ Training Systems  
CRATE™ System Basics: Level 1 $3750.00
This workshop instructs participants in the purpose and use of each prop and tool in the CRATE™. Lessons during this first phase will focus on learning the philosophy and framing of the experiential exercises. In addition, the fundamentals of how to effectively work with the students for maximal benefit with the CRATE™ tools, props and games will be explored. Staff participants should develop more effective teaching and problem solving techniques for use with their students.
CRATE™ System Academics: Level 2 $2850.00
This workshop will delve into the academic aspect that can be applied to the exercises in the CRATE™.  Staff participants will learn how to convert teambuilding games into academic lessons with ease. They will practice facilitation in Phase Two and receive feedback from Fulcrum trainers, improving their delivery while enhancing their skills.
CRATE™ System Workplace Application: Level 3 $1750.00
This workshop is designed to help each site implement CRATE™ activities and exercises for maximum effectiveness, taking into account the unique needs, strengths and challenges of each setting. The Fulcrum staff will observe and collaborate with the site’s point person.  Working directly with students, the Fulcrum staff will model effective implementation and coach staff to become more proficient and competent in delivering the CRATE™ exercises.
CRATE™ System Quality Assurance: Level 4  $7000.00
This workshop will be conducted after the CRATE™ has been introduced to the site. Staff, having had time (several weeks) to use the CRATE™, will reconvene, discuss and debrief their use of the CRATE™ up to that point with a Fulcrum trainer. Challenges and victories with CRATE™ exercises and activities will be reviewed. This will promote correct use of the skills and tools for optimal CRATE™ delivery.
Fulcrum C.R.A.T.E
Fulcrum CRATE

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