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Fulcrum Adventures, Inc. is an established leader in the field of teambuilding and leadership development.  Over the past 17 years we have provided safe and transformational learning experiences to over 250,000 leaders and teams throughout the world.  We continue to celebrate our motto of Do, Risk, Grow and cultivate the potential greatness of each individual, team and organization.
Our vision: Creation and facilitation of positive change in the world.

Our workplace and professional values are:
Physical and emotional safety as a foundation of our work – We conscientiously protect the well being of every client, participant and ourselves as we work to create non-judgmental environments that explore opportunities for growth.
Unyielding commitment to excellence
– We assume personal responsibility for achieving ambitious goals and holding ourselves and each other accountable to a high standard of excellence.  We walk our talk and live in integrity with what we teach!
Caring for others through authentic connection
– We intentionally unite our humanity with each individual that we encounter.  We stand ready to acknowledge and support their greatness.
Potential for greatness – We recognize the potential in each individual and organization to utilize challenges as a means of realizing their full potential.
Quality service as a way of being –We hold service to be a high calling.  We are in service to every client, to every participant and to each other.

Fulcrum Team Building "Give me a fulcrum on which to rest and I can move the earth." — Archimedes, 287 B.C.

The fulcrum is one of the world's oldest tools for increasing the power of your resources. It provides you with support, balance, and leverage to more effectively produce results.
Fulcrum Adventures is the experiential branch of Fulcrum Learning Systems, and was founded in 1991 by Leslie Bourne.  Philip Folsom was brought on in 1993 and became Managing Partner in 2004. Together Leslie and Philip have ushered Fulcrum into an era of exciting new trainings, sites and high volume projects while still maintaining the program quality that Fulcrum is known for around the world.

National and Los Angeles Area Team Building and Ropes Courses

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Fulcrum Corporate Team Building Adventures and Ropes Courses in Los Angeles
Developing leaders and teams through transformational learning experiences.